#12ManisOfChristmas – Day 4: Christmas Holographic Water Marble Manicure

Our Day 4 manicure of our #12ManisOfChristmas is a bright and shiny, Christmas-themed, holographic water marble design.

How to replicate this look:

  1. One coat of All About That Base
  2. One coat of The Cloud on each finger
  3. To prevent excess polish on your fingers, wrap tape around each nail or use liquid latex
  4. Follow the water marble technique by alternating drips of Resistance is Fuchsia and Chartreuse or Dare into a bowl of room temperature water (filtered or bottled is best)
  5. The polish should spread out in rings
  6. Dip one nail into the water upside down and gently blow on the polish to help it dry
  7. Use a cotton swab or orange stick to absorb the excess polish
  8. Slowly remove your finger from the water
  9. Remove the tape and clean up around the nail with remover
  10. Finish with one coat of All Clear

I absolutely love our holographic polishes for water marbling! All of the holo shine is still there with beautiful swirls of different colors.




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